Entrance at Tryon Road
This web site is for Wellington Park Homeowners, and those looking for a great neighborhood in Cary, NC..  The purpose is to introduce new people to the neighborhood, and to provide people with the information needed about our subdivision and the Town of Cary. It is aNews80lso a place we can come to get daily local information like real time traffic camera views and subdivision information  - instantly in one place.  

For additional information, the official Wellington Park HOA website has changed, as of
March 2020, and can be found at


The word is already out that Cary, North Carolina is one of the safest and best large size communities to live inside of the United States, and is often recognized for the high quality of life.  Cary has the lowest crime rate in the United States! With over 180,000 residents, Cary is considered to be a "city" due to population size, however you won't find a typical city landscape anywhere because the population is really spread out over numerous housing subdivisions.  Cary is overall a newer modern community, which was mostly developed in the  late 1980's and 1990's during a housing explosion.  So, most everything in Cary is relatively new compared to the rest of the country.

The beautiful Cary Parkway runs semi-circular through Cary, and Wellington Park is near the Southeast corner.  Drive south on the Parkway, and you'll cross over US 1, where the Crossroads of the Triangle begin to intersect.  About a mile past that, just before Lochmere, you'll turn left just before the huge GoThe gold dome at Tryon Plazald Dome Landmark at Tryon Plaza.  Nestled and hidden well behind the Kid's Together Marla Dorrel Park buffer lies the Wellington Park Subdivision with about 250 homes, making up a friendly and well connected community that  we believe is the best neighborhood in the Town of Cary.


That is a bold statement to make, but on this home page we will explain.  These statements are based on simple facts, and based on open ended question input from a home owner's survey run by the Wellington Park Homeowners Association.  The first three items following were written in the survey numerous times by a huge margin.  People love it here!


Cul de sac party brisket table

The friendly people -  Happy Neighbors. People are very friendly. We are like family.  Well behaved kids playing together.  Cul-De-Sac pot luck parties.  Community events in the clubhouse.  People watching out for each other's safety and well being.  Connected by technology.  United we stand.


Convenient LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION - Easy access to everything - We are  literally at the Crossroads of the Triangle.  You can be at the US1 / I40 crossroads interchange in about 3 minutes, near the Crossroads Shopping Mecca.  There you have miles of the best shopping in the Triangle including Crossroads Plaza, BJ's plaza, South Hills Mall, and the Cary Towne Center Mall.  We can get to over 100 nice clean, newer restaurants within an 1 minute drive.  Just a 4 minute drive down Tryon road gets you to Wake Med Cary Hospital, and Cresent Commons Plaza with Harris Teeter and Wal Mart.  Just 3 minutes to Kildare Farms shopping.  6 minutes to Regency park including the Koko Booth Amphitheater and Lifetime Fitness Gym which is like a resort with 3 giant hot tubs and 3 pools with slides.  We are adjacent to Lochmere, and you can get from any home to the main road very quickly, unlike other places where it can take you 5 or 10 minutes just to get to the main road.  Easy, easy access.  It is incredible.  You are nestled in a quiet oasis, yet a 5 minute ride gets you to everything you could possibly need.


The TREES and natural beauty has been preserved - As soon as you enter Wellington Park you will think you are Beautiful trees are everywhereIN a park!  Unlike most other housing developments in the Triangle, our builders, Pulte Homes, did not raze all the beautiful trees to make it convenient to develop a "pop up" community that sits in the glaring North Carolina sun.  There is also just the right amount of trees, not to be too overbearing causing mold, and such.  Since 99% of the trees are hardwoods, versus pines, they can stand up to bad weather that might pass through.  The trees are a key item loved by neighbors.  They provide shade in the hot NC summer, when temperature readings show a 5 to 10 degree lower temperature in tree covered back yards compared to RDU recorded temperatures.  Grass under leafy trees have no dew in the morning. and rarely will you see fog.  In winter, the leaves are gone, allowing the sun to warm our homes.  This is truly a GREEN community.

Our neighborhood plaza- Tryon Plaza. A one minute drive with no stop lights or a 5 minute walk, and you are at our personal shopping plaza with 7 restaurants, a Lowe's foods, a Vet, an animal eye doctor, a couple Pubs, a liquor store, a pet store, a billiards with poker, a BP gas station, and a whole bunch more.  You can do Karaoke at the Cary Ipub and walk home if you had to much fun. 


Priority Power Grid - Nobody likes to lose power during storms. We are connected to a main prioirty 1 power grid.  That is because we are on the same line that services the hospitals and numerous medical facilities around Wake Med Cary Hospital, our district 3 police station, the 24x7 animal hospital across from Wellington Plaza, and the 2 animal vet doctors in the plaza.  Our neighborhood is connected with all underground wiring to that grid.  That means our neighborhod is first to get power should it ever go out, which is extremely rare.  In 15 years, the power has been out for maybe 2 hours total. 


The neighborhood is quiet. The neighbors are quiet.  The airport is at  the opposite end of Cary so you don't hear the planes like you do in many other subdivisions in Cary. The trees suck up any neighborhood or surrounding sounds.  Also, the trains running on the train tracks along Apex Road cannot be heard from our neighborhood, one of the few places that is true.

Oh what a pool
All the beautiful community property - each homeowner owns a share of:
Signs and property at entrances
Over-sized uncrowded pristine pool. It is like walking into an instant vacation.  It is an oasis.
Our Clubhouse which was remodeled a couple years ago.
Newly updated Tennis courts.
ponds; residents can fish in the big pond by the clubhouse.

New, super-sized highways connect you to everywhere - All roads surrounding our community -- US1, I-40, Tryon Road, Cary Parkway and Piney Plains  Road -- have been doubled in size and newly paved in the past several years. $150M in funding is allocated to improve the I-40 & US1 interchange.  It's a beautiful thing, and it demonstrates local and state government commitment to the area. Only 2 stop signs and you can be headed north, south, east, or west in a few minutes. That is priceless!

Cary's Southwest District 3 Police substation is adjacent to our neighborhood - With one of the lowest crime rates for a town it's size, it is equally refreshing to know the Town Of Cary Police have a large presence in our Wellington Plaza adjacent to our neighbohood. The station is 1 of 3 stations and we are district 3, for southwest Cary..  We have a close relationship with the Community officers.  The response time for is usually less than one minute.

Affordable Housing - Cary already has very low priced housing and unbelievably low taxes due to a well run government, compared to the rest of the country.  Wellington Park homes get the advantage of that, and will continue to benefit in the future  Homes here were built with southern flair and offer high end interior mouldings,  and have been well maintained and updated increasing their value consistently.A walk in our park

Beautiful parks adjacent to Wellington Park - The parks have beautiful jogging and walking trails.  The Marla Dorrel park has the nicest attractions in the town; several new playgrounds, basketball courts, and the long paved Hinshaw greenway for walkers and joggers that actually has a direct connection to our main subdivision road.  The new pedestrian bridge crossing US 1 is part of that greenway, which crosses over to the park on the other side of the highway.  Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent by governments in a small radius surrounding our neighborhood. 

Low homeowner dues - The HOA board has managed the annual budget very carefully and as a result the homeowner dues are the lowest that can be found - considering the  tremendous property and services the owners receive for this modest sized neighborhood.  This is a big advantage in Wellington Park.  Services are scrutinized very closely, and every dollar spent is watched very carefully.

There is a strong sense of pride in this neighborhood- The results of past surveys show people are very proud to live here and take pride in keeping their properties updated.  The sense of pride in ownership and responsibility makes this a very desirable place to live.  And fun too.

You should be very proud to live in Wellington Park.  God has blessed us with this great land and community, and for that we are very thankful.


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