Town of Cary Main Site has numerous links with valuable information about all properties applicable to the Town of Cary.


Cary Open Data Portal contains a treasure trove of information in areas you may be intersted in including: Town Planning and Previous Cary Building Permits, Transportation, Police and Fire, Culture, Education, Business, Geo, and more!


Look up covenants and bylaws of the Wellington Park Cary HOA.


Look up a ton of information about any specific Wellington Park Property including owners, past owners, tax records, layouts and much more.


For recorded documents such as survey maps, plats, restrictive covenants and deeds, please visit Wake County Register of Deeds.


Property research map -very valuable! Click search, by address.  Find out the following about any Wellington and Town of Cary Property:

  • To assist you in researching properties, the Town of Cary created a Property Research Map.  This map will allow you to search a property and obtain valuable information including:
    • Annexation InformationParks, Open Space and Greenway Trails (existing and proposed)  Property BoundariesProperty Location: Town Limits, Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) or Utility Services Boundary (USB)StreetsUtility Lines: Water, Sewer and Reclaimed Water
  • In addition, you will have access to regulatory property information including:
    • Approved Development Plans and AlterationsFloodplainsLand Use Designations Recorded Plats (if available)River/Stream BuffersSpecial Use ApprovalsWatershed DistrictsZoning (Including Zoning Conditions, if any) and Zoning Overlay Districts

Lookup past / current building permits for any home in  Wellington Park or Cary.  To search quickly, in FILTERS box on left put in the homeowners last name, or just the name of the street.  Such as: Kirkfield.  then click table on the output area.


Building Permits - General information and requiremetns.  In addition, you must submit an arch request to the Wellington HOA board for any exterior changes to your home.

Lookup North Carolina Bulding Codes

When is a building permit NOT required:

 When is a residential permit NOT required (as of Jan 31 2020)?

Residential Projects

  • Low voltage exterior outdoor/landscape lighting (plug-in only)
  • Low voltage security systems (plug-in only)
  • Outdoor fireplaces that are more that 10 feet from the main dwelling
  • Replacement of water heaters in one- and two-family dwellings when there is no change in the location , size and heating capacity, fuel or energy source, or routing or sizing of the vent or plumbing piping, and the work is done by a licensed Plumbing Contractor
  • Replacement or repair of non-structural cosmetic building elements
    • cabinets and casework
    • deck boards
    • floor and wall coverings
    • foldings and trim
    • roof coverings with the same materials
    • trellis/pergola attached to the main dwelling or greater than 12 feet in any dimension
    • replace windows and doors
    • replace pickets, railings or treads
  • Residential accessory buildings that are no more than 12 feet in any dimension
  • Replacement of electrical fixtures and components when work is not done within the wall or ceiling cavity or behind the finished wall or ceiling surface
  • Replacement of plumbing fixtures when the work does not change the design or capacity
  • Tree houses/play structures
  • Fences less than 4 feet in height (NOTE: Contact the Town of Cary Planning and Development Services Department for information on locations of fences)