Wellington Park News




The Wellington Park HOA now has a new (as of March 2020) official website for the Wellington Park (Wellington Place) Subdivision in Cary, NC.


Homeowners and everyone should use the new official Wellington Park HOA Board site here: https://wellingtonpark.sentrywebsites.com.  


Check out Cary Bud monthly, for the latest news and events in the Town of Cary, NC.






The recent clubhouse renovation allows homeowners to have a facility avaible for parties, meetings, or any event.  All floors were redone with carpet or wood, the kitchen was gutted -- with new appliances, counters, sink and cupboards being installed.  A new paint job with very cool colors was completed, with new drapes and blinds.  You can rent the clubhouse for any event, just check out the forms link on the new HOA site  to apply.  If you invite everyone in Wellington Park, there is no rental charge!


Here is Katie at the newly expanded service bar --  thanks Katie for the wonderful job!




Here are a few more shots of the clubhouse:






You can see all top notch appliances and cupboards were installed.








So now that we have a super clubhouse, what can YOU do with it?  Rent it out for a party!

Click the FORMS link in the left menu to rent the clubhouse.

Just 2 weeks before the annual meeting, a Beer fest part was held and fun was had by all:













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Shane: In order to assist you in a better way, could you please tell me which State you're located in and the zip code?

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Shane: Thank you for this information.

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Donn: yep doing now

Donn: couple mins

Shane: Please try not to stay on a page for too long, as it may result in a timeout session.

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