Wellington Park Homeowners Association (HOA) Board

The Wellington Park Homeowners Association is elected by homeowners at the annual meeting. A meeting notice is mailed to the homeowner.   The term is 2 years.   


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Attend Wellington Park Homeowners Association Meetings to Meet the Board of Directors and Offer your Input!



Current New Board:
Ruth Merkle 
David Mandel 
Donn Jasura 
Fred Kozlof  
Lynn Yanyo


HOA meetings are required to be held every other month, however the board usually meets monthly.  The HOA management company must attend every other month.  All Homeowners are invited to attend the beginning of the meeting to discuss any suggestions or concerns.  Meeting notices are announced through the egroups.


Prior Annual Meetings - 2007


annual meeting 2007



HOA Annual Meeting




Annual Meeting












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